AE Van Vogt - ersatz eternal

AE Van Vogt - ersatz eternal - A.E. Van Vogt ERSATZ ETERNAL...

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Sheet1 Page 1 A.E. Van Vogt ERSATZ ETERNAL Grayson removed the irons from the other's wrists and legs. "Hart!" he said sharply. The young man on the cot did not stir. Grayson hesitated and then deliberately kicked the man. "Damn you, Hart, listen to me! I'm releasing you - just in case I don't come back " John Hart neither opened his eyes nor showed any awareness of the blow he had received. He lay inert was that he was limp, not rigid. There was almost no color in his cheeks. His black hair was damp and stringy. Grayson said earnestly, "Hart, I'm going out to look for Malkins. Remember, he left four days ago, intending only to be gone twenty-four hours." When there was no response, the older man started to turn away, but he hesitated and said, "Hart, if I don't come back, you must realize where we are, This is a new planet, understand. We've never been here before. Our ship was wrecked, and the three of us came down in a lifeboat, and what we need is fuel. That's what Malkins went out to look for, and now I'm going out to look for Malkins." The figure on the cot remained blank. And Grayson walked reluctantly out the door and off toward the hills. He had no particular hope. Three men were down on a planet God-only-knew-where - and one ofthose man was violently insane. As he walked along, he glanced around him in occasional puzzlement. The scenery was very earthlike: trees, shrubs, grass, and distant mountains misted by blue haze. It was still a littie odd that when they had landed Malkins and he had had the distinct impression that they were coming down onto a barren world without atmosphere and without life. A soft breeze touched his cheeks. The scent of flowers was in the air. He saw birds flitting among the trees, and once he heard a song that was startingly like that of a meadow lark. He walked all day and saw no sign of Malkins. Nor was there any habitation to indicate that the planet had intelligent life. Just before dusk he heard a woman calling his name. Grayson turned with a start, and it
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AE Van Vogt - ersatz eternal - A.E. Van Vogt ERSATZ ETERNAL...

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