Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson - Dune House Atreides

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson - Dune House...

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Unformatted text preview: Dune: House Atreides Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson October 1999 This book is for our mentor, Frank Herbert, who was every bit as fascinating and complex as the marvelous Dune universe he created. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Ed Kramer, for being the bridge that brought us together in the first place. Rebecca Moesta Anderson, for her unflagging imagination, brainstorming, and plain hard work to make this novel the best it could be. Jan Herbert, for allowing the creation of this project to continue during a wedding-anniversary trip to Europe, and for so much more. Pat LoBrutto, our editor at Bantam Books, for helping us achieve the best possible focus and clarity in this book. Robert Gottlieb and Matt Bialer of the William Morris Agency, Mary Alice Kier and Anna Cottle of Cine/Lit Representation, for their faith and dedication, seeing the potential of the entire project. Irwyn Applebaum and Nita Taublib at Bantam Books, for their support and enthusiasm in such an enormous undertaking. Penny and Ron Merritt, whose enthusiastic support made this project possible. Beverly Herbert, for brainstorming and editorial contributions on the Dune books written by Frank Herbert. Marie Landis-Edwards, for her encouragement. The Herbert Limited Partnership, including David Merritt, Byron Merritt, Julie Herbert, Robert Merritt, Kimberly Herbert, Margaux Herbert, and Theresa Shackelford. At WordFire, Inc., special thanks to Catherine Sidor, who put in many hours of hard work in preparing and revising the manuscript, and Sarah Jones, for her help in converting many old books and documents into a usable form. And to the millions of devoted DUNE fans, who have kept the original novel popular for three and a half decades. Transmission to the galactic merchandizing conglomerate "Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles" (CHOAM) from the Spacing Guild: Our specific charge in this unofficial mission has been to search the uninhabited worlds to find another source of the precious spice melange, upon which so much of the Imperium depends. We have documented the journeys of many of our Navigators and Steersmen, searching hundreds of planets. To date, however, we have had no success. The only source of melange in the Known Universe remains the desert world of Arrakis. The Guild, CHOAM, and all other dependents must continue in thrall of the Harkonnen monopoly. However, the value of exploring outlying territories for new planetary systems and new resources bears its own fruit. The detailed surveys and orbital maps on the attached sheets of ridulian crystal will no doubt be of commercial import for CHOAM. Having completed our contract to the specifications upon which we previously agreed, we hereby request that CHOAM deposit the required payment in our official Guild Bank headquarters on Junction....
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Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson - Dune House...

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