2001 A Space Odissey

2001 A Space Odissey - Sheet1 Page 1 Title: 2001: A space...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Title: 2001: A space odissey Author: Arthur C. Clarke Original copyright year: 1968 Genre: science fiction Comments: to my knowledge, this is the only available e-text of this book. Source: scanned and OCR-read from a paperback edition with Xerox TextBridge Pro 9.0, proofread in MS Word 2000. Date of e-text: August 20, 1999 Prepared by: Anada Sucka Anticopyright 1999. All rights reversed.----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2001: A Space Odissey Arthur C. Clarke Foreword Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn Now this is an interesting number, for by a curious coincidence there are approximately a hundred billion stars in our local u But every one of those stars is a sun, often far more brilliant and glorious than the small, nearby star we call the Sun. And m How many of those potential heavens and hells are now inhabited, and by what manner of creatures, we have no way of gu Men have been slow to face this prospect Why not, indeed? Here is one possible answer to that very reasonable question. But please remembert thi sis only a work o The truth, as always, will be far stranger. To Stanley I - PRIMEVAL NIGHT 1 - The Road to Extinction Sheet1 Page 2 The drought had lasted now for ten million years, and the reign of the terrible lizards had long since ended. Here on the Equ The man-apes of the veldt were none of these things, and they were not flourishing. Indeed, they were already far down the It was always hungry, and now it was starving. When the first faint glow of dawn crept into the cave, Moon-Watcher saw tha The two babies were already whimpering for food, but became silent when Moon-Watcher snarled at them. One of the moth Now it was light enough to leave. Moon-Watcher picked up the shriveled corpse and dragged it after him as he bent under Among his kind, Moon-Watcher was almost a giant. He was nearly five feet high, and though badly undernourished weighe There was no sign of danger, so Moon-Watcher began to scramble down the almost vertical slope outside the cave, only sl Moon-Watcher looked across the valley to see if the Others were in sight, but there was no trace of them. Perhaps they had First he must get rid of the Old One, but this was a problem that demanded little thought. There had been many deaths this They were already waiting, where the little valley fanned out into the savanna, almost as if they had known that he was com His two mates, the adults from the other caves, and most of the youngsters were foraging among the drought-stunted trees But this day was a good one - though as Moon-Watcher had no real remembrance of the past, he could not compare one ti His contentment vanished when he reached the stream. The Others were there. They were there every day, but that did no There were about thirty of them, and they could not have been distinguished from the members of MoonWatcher's own trib And that was all that happened. Though the man-apes often fought and wrestled one another, their disputes very seldom reAnd that was all that happened....
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2001 A Space Odissey - Sheet1 Page 1 Title: 2001: A space...

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