Arthur C Clarke - Armaments Race

Arthur C Clarke - Armaments Race - Sheet1 Page 1 Armaments...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Armaments Race Arthur C. Clarke 1954 Popular Publications Inc. As I've remarked on previous occasions, no-one has ever succeeded in pinning-down Harry Purvis, prize raconteur of the "Wh You're always gunning for Harry, I said, "but you must admit that he provides entertainment. And that's more than most of us c If you're being personal, retorted Bill, still rankling over the fact that some perfectly serious stories had just been returned by a Thanks, I said. "One day I'll ask for a gin with it, just to shake you. I think I must be the only guy in the White Hart who can tak This was as far as the conversation got, because the subject of the discussion then arrived. Normally, this would merely have Hello, folks, said Harry. "Meet my friend Solly Blumberg. Best special effects man in Hollywood." Let's be accurate, Harry, said Mr. Blumberg sadly, in a voice that should have belonged to a whipped spaniel. "Not in Hollywo Harry waved the correction aside. All the better for you. Sol's come over here to apply his talents to the British film industry. There is a British film. industry? said Solly anxiously. "No one seemed very sure round the studio." Sure there is. It's in a very flourishing condition, too. The Government piles on an entertainments tax that drives it to bankruptc I cannot say that, apart from his hang-dog look, Mr. Blumberg had the appearance of a man who had suffered extreme hardsh We all made sympathetic noises and John said rather pointedly: "Maybe it'll help to get it off your chest. It will be such a chang Don't be so modest, John, cut in Harry promptly. "I'm not tired of hearing you yet. But I doubt if Solly feels much like going thro No, said Mr. Blumberg. "You tell them." ("I knew it would come to that," sighed John in my ear.) Where shall I begin? asked Harry. "The time Lillian Ross came to interview you?" Anywhere but there, shuddered Solly. "It really started when we were making the first 'Captain Zoom' serial."Anywhere but there, shuddered Solly....
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Arthur C Clarke - Armaments Race - Sheet1 Page 1 Armaments...

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