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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Hide and Seek Arthur C. Clarke 1949 Street & Smith Publications Inc. We were walking back through the woods when Kingman saw the gray squirrel. Our bag was a small but varied one -three gro The squirrel saw us at the same moment. It knew that it was marked for immediate execution as a result of the damage it had Kingman was very thoughtful as we walked back across the lawn to the magnificent old house. He said nothing as we handed That tree-rat, he said suddenly (he always called them "tree rats," on the grounds that people were too sentimental to shoot th I thought it would, said Carson dryly. I gave him a glare: he'd been in the Navy and had heard Kingman's stories before, but th Of course, Kingman remarked, slightly nettled, "if you'd rather I didn't . . . " Do go on, I said hastily. "You've made me curious. What connection there can possibly be between a gray squirrel and the Se Kingman seemed mollified. I think I'd better change some names, he said thoughtfully, "but I won't alter the places. The story begins about a million kilom K.15 was a military intelligence operative. It gave him considerable pain when unimaginative people called him a spy, but at th What made the situation doubly annoying was the fact that his friends would be meeting him off Mars in about twelve hours, a There might just be time for him to land on Mars, but that would be one of the worst things he could do. It would certainly anno He had only one advantage, and that a very dubious one. The commander of the cruiser might guess that he was heading for K.15 looked moodily at his charts, wondering if it was worthwhile to burn the rest of his fuel in a final dash. But a dash to wher outward into the empty darkness, beyond all hope of rescue-passing his friends as they came sunward at a relative speed so With some people, the shorter the expectation of life, the more sluggish are the mental processes. They seem hypnotized by Commander Smith-the name will do as well as any other-of the cruiser Doradus was not unduly surprised when K.15 began to The tiny scout had almost come to rest when the radar operator lost it against the mass of Phobos. During the braking maneu It reappeared only a few minutes later, traveling under full thrust on a course directly away from the sun. It was accelerating a I have landed on Phobos and am being attacked by a Z-class cruiser. Think I can hold out until you come, but hurry. The message wasn't even in code, and it left Commander Smith a sorely puzzled man. The assumption that K.15 was still abo confused. He could afford neither the time nor the fuel to chase the scout if K. 15 really had landed. It was clear that reinforce Then K.15's ship stopped blasting. It had obviously exhausted its fuel, and was doing a little better than six kilometers a secon On the face of it, Commander Smith seemed the master of the situation. His ship was armed with a dozen heavy guided miss To say that Phobos has a diameter of twenty kilometers, as the astronomy books invariably do, is highly misleading. The wordTo say that Phobos has a diameter of twenty kilometers, as the astronomy books invariably do, is highly misleading....
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Hide and Seek - Sheet1 Page 1 Hide and Seek Arthur C Clarke...

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