Lost Worlds of 2001, The

Lost Worlds of 2001, The - Sheet1 Page 1 BLAST OFF!...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 BLAST OFF! "Between the first and last decades of the Twentieth Century lay a gulf greater than the wildest imagination could have con This was the beginning of the first version of 2001-the version that never was published. Now at last you can go that first g THE LOST WORLDS OF 2001 ARTHUR C. CLARKE A SIGNET BOOK from NEW AMERICAN LIBRARY TIMES MIRROR "Sorry to interrupt the festivities, but we have a problem." (HAL 9000, during Frank Poole's birthday party) "Houston, we've had a problem." (Jack Swigert, shortly after playing the Zarathustra theme to his TV audience, aboard Apo CONTENTS Foreword 1. View of the Year 20001 2. Son of Dr. Strangelove2 3. The Sentinel2 4. Christmas, Shepperton4 5. Monoliths and Manuscripts7 6. The Dawn of Man8 7. First Encounter9 8. Moon-Watcher10 9. Gift from the Stars11 10. Farewell to Earth12 11. The Birth of HAL13 12. Man and Robot14 13. From the Ocean, from the Stars16 14. With Open Hands18 15. Universe18 16. Ancestral Voices20 17. The Question21 18. Midnight, Washington22 19. Mission to Jupiter24 20. Flight Pay24 21. Discovery24 22. The Long Sleep25 23. Runaway26 24. First Man to Jupiter27 25. The Smell of Death28 26. Alone29 27. Joveday31 28. Jupiter V31 29. Final Orbit32 30. The Impossible Stars33 Sheet1 Page 2 31. Something Is Seriously Wrong with Space33 32. Ball Game34 33. Last Message35 34. The Worlds of the Star Gate35 35. Reunion36 36. Abyss38 37. Cosmopolis39 38. Scrutiny41 39. Skyrock42 40. Oceana43 41. Into the Night Land44 Epilogue46 FOREWORD Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the daw So began the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey when it was published in July 1968. But the first version, four years earlier, had s VIEW FROM THE YEAR 2000 Between the first and last decades of the twentieth century lay a gulf greater than the wildest imagination could have conce The thunder of doom had barely ceased to roll above Eniwetok Atoll when the first Sputnik rose beeping into the sky. Acro Barely a moment later, as the universe counts time, Man followed his messengers into space. Project Apollo, dominating th Before the '70's had ended, the first permanent colony had been established on the Moon. The cost of space travel had bee Only a few percent of the Moon's millions of square miles had been thoroughly explored, and the detailed examination of it Herald of the dawn, star of evening, Venus had been the first bitter disappointment of the space age. Even after Mariner II There remained Mars, source of so much mystery and romance, perhaps the only other home of life in the Solar System. A No one who saw will ever forget that first encounter between Martian and machine. Undramatic, absolutely silent, it was on The plain was covered with large, spherical boulders, and the robot was rolling straight toward one. Its builders were not w Before the robot could reach it, the boulder moved. It heaved itself off the ground on a myriad stumpy legs, crawled slowly Before the robot could reach it, the boulder moved....
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Lost Worlds of 2001, The - Sheet1 Page 1 BLAST OFF!...

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