chap4_mid3_physicians - ID LastName 1 Feld 2 Polanco 3...

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ID Last Name First Name City Specialty Gender 1 Feld Alana Miami Internal Medicine F 2 Polanco Crystal Coral Gables Cardiology F 3 Nunez Francisco Miami Cardiology M 4 Campion George Hollywood Internal Medicine M 5 Rivera George Hollywood Cardiology M 6 Jones Jeffrey Coral Gables Pediatrics M 7 Ledon Jenna Miami Cardiology F 8 Fernandez Lauren Fort Lauderdale Obstetrics F 9 Kaufman Marjorie Fort Lauderdale Cardiology F 10 Brown Megan Miami Dermatology F 11 Richman Tara Miami Cardiology F 12 Spencer Tom Coral Gables Cardiology M 13 Dunn Adam Miami Dermatology M 14 Naab Adam Fort Lauderdale Pediatrics M 15 Webb Benjamin Fort Lauderdale Dermatology M 16 Walsh Carl Miami Dermatology M 17 Sheppard Eleanor Miami Internal Medicine F 18 O'Sullivan George Fort Lauderdale Dermatology M 19 Jackson Jason Miami Dermatology M 20 Silva Jessica Fort Lauderdale Cardiology F 21 Bethune Katrina Miami Pediatrics F 22 Shock Krystle Fort Lauderdale Dermatology F 23 Simmons Lawrence Fort Lauderdale Dermatology M 24 Ripley Louis Coral Gables Dermatology M 25 Jones Marion Fort Lauderdale Dermatology F 26 Sywolski Neil Hollywood Pediatrics M 27 Watson
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chap4_mid3_physicians - ID LastName 1 Feld 2 Polanco 3...

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