chap4_pe1_auction - DonorID FirstName 1 Shelly 2 Kelly 3...

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West Transylvania Education DonorID FirstName LastName Address City State 1 Shelly Martin 123 North Street Pittsburgh PA 2 Kelly Kripton 456 North Street Pittsburgh PA 3 Kim Jansen 678 North Street Pittsburgh PA 4 Donna Reed 901 North Street Pittsburgh PA 5 Huong Pham P.O. Box 34312 Pittsburgh PA 6 George Martin 555 Kaminini Street Pittsburgh PA 7 Marion McMahon 2216 Catharine Street Pittsburgh PA 8 Catherine McQuaide 31 Oakmont Circle Pittsburgh PA 9 Christopher Martinez 15709 Holly Grove Rd. Pittsburgh PA 10 G Mican 3509 Carla Drive Pittsburgh PA 11 George McFall 127 North Street Pittsburgh PA 12 Kristen Kripton 468 North Street Pittsburgh PA 13 Kim Jones 680 North Street Pittsburgh PA 14 Dan Reed 903 North Street Pittsburgh PA 15 Huong Ngyun P.O. Box 100101 Pittsburgh PA 16 Robert McMahon 2218 Catharine Street Pittsburgh PA 17 Dennis Boothe 3646 Seton Hall Way Pittsburgh PA 18 Emiko Francani 800 North Street Pittsburgh PA 19 Tara Huber 9507 Sandy Elms Pittsburgh PA 20 Benjamin Brown 143 Sunset Avenue Pittsburgh PA 21 Robert Hall P.O. Box 121802 Pittsburgh PA
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chap4_pe1_auction - DonorID FirstName 1 Shelly 2 Kelly 3...

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