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Course Project Paper

Course Project Paper - Course Project Paper MGMT-410 Human...

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Course Project Paper MGMT-410: Human Resource Management August 11, 2009 My course project paper is on chapter 11, "Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans". I pulled a few articles and have spent hours and days researching this topic, and I'm not saying that only because I’m looking for an “A” on this paper. When you think about it, the success of any facet of business and in your personal life, everything can be traced back to motivation. Motivation always leads to triumph. So the questions, research, theories, articles, books, educational classes are all geared to provide you the answers on motivating people. Motivation is taught at an early age. I'm sure everyone has a story where they participated in a motivational program or two. When I was at the age of 5, a group of my friends helped motivate me to eat a worm for a Snickers bar and some change, and I did it. For two dollars I ran across a yard where Chicago's meanest dog lived, and I have the scars to prove it. I was a very easily motivated kid growing up and I still am. The same principles that motivated me back then are the same principles that still motivate me now. So when you research, read theories, articles, books, and take educational classes your just wasting your time. Motivation equals how much Benjamin's can you obtain. "It's all about the Benjamin's". You will read several articles trying to convince you about people's "Hierarchy of Needs" Image 1 1 . This is a fancy way of saying that there are different factors in motivating people. As you can see on this image, the order of the needs is in the shape of a triangle. The base of the triangle reflects the lower-order needs while the tip of the triangle reflects the high order needs. Image 2 displays my version of the
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"Hierarchy of Needs". As you can see, I keep the same triangle shape and use the same structure of need
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Course Project Paper - Course Project Paper MGMT-410 Human...

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