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Executive Bio - data and sales data for almost ten years Mr...

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-Insert Bio Image Here- Executive Bio:   Mr. Rodrigo Cortez Consultant and Project Manager Rotary District 6450 Dictionary Project for  Chicago Public Schools 2009-2010 Mr. Rodrigo Cortez was highly recruited from Keller  Graduate School of Management to become a Consultant  and Project Manager for the Rotary District 6450  Dictionary Project.  After receiving his B.S. in Business Administration and Management  Information from Central Michigan University, he will have his Masters in Project  Management and will continue to pursue his Project Management Certification (PMP).   Mr. Rodrigo Cortez has strong experiences working as a Systems Manager for four  years, a customer Data Analyst for two years, and has had experience analyzing EDI 
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Unformatted text preview: data and sales data for almost ten years. Mr. Rodrigo Cortez’s personal accomplishments include the following: • Developed employee skills • Reduced budget expenses by 15% • Reduced EDI charge backs by over 25% • Primary help desk support for 120 end-users in four US Locations • Enhanced processes, created and maintained over 100,000 records of dealership data Mr. Rodrigo Cortez brings a wide variety of skills which includes having a strong technical background, communication skills, analytical abilities, multi-tasking, and excels in a team orientated environment. Mr. Rodrigo Cortez is highly motivated when confronted with challenges and truly enjoys working with people and helping resolve issues....
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