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India and Technology - among the fastest growing in the...

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Technology, Society, and Culture (HUMN432) Team A Technology:  Fiber Optics Brief Background on Fiber Optics:  Optical fibers are widely used in fiber-optic  communications, which permits transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths  (data rates) than other forms of communications. Fibers are used instead of metal wires  because signals travel along them with less loss, and they are also immune to electromagnetic  interference Country:  India Background on India:  Since 1991, the nation has moved towards a market-based system. The  policy change in 1991 came after an acute balance of payments crisis, and the emphasis since  then has been to use foreign trade and foreign investment as integral parts of India's economy.  With an average annual GDP growth rate of 5.8% for the past two decades, the economy is 
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Unformatted text preview: among the fastest growing in the world. It has the world's second largest labor force, with 516.3 million people. India's economic growth has averaged 7½% a year, which will double the average income in a decade. Despite India's impressive economic growth over recent decades, it still contains the largest concentration of poor people in the world, and has a higher rate of malnutrition among children under the age of three (46% in year 2007) than any other country in the world. So how is India able to compete with the world being such a poverty stricken country? Through technology and Fiber Optics plays a large role in that. Scholarly references :...
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