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RA-3 Scenario - RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT PART 3(Due Week 7 In...

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RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT, PART 3 (Due Week 7) In the first quarter of 2001, you and two other investors (each contributing one-third of the start- up capital and operating expenses) agreed to start-up a new Investment and Money Management magazine targeted at the middle-income population. Since 2001, you have spent a great deal of time developing your Business Plan and Marketing Plan, setting up a corporation, and conducting research on the operating requirements for a magazine of this nature. Well, the recession of 2001/2002 took a toll on one of your investing partners. Neither you nor your remaining partner has additional capital to contribute. You also do not wish to bring other parties to the table at this point. You have both agreed to scale back on your expenses and outsource whatever business processes make sense to help you restructure your cost requirements. Hence, your assignment: 1. Research and summarize the capital and operating costs that are typical for
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