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Research Activity Paper 2 - Research Activity Paper#2...

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Research Activity Paper #2 MGMT-410: Human Resource Management August 11, 2009 Damn Labor Unions I recently read an article in the Chicago Sun-Times that infuriated me. It was concerning the Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley in negotiations with the Labor Unions. It reminded me of my personal experience with the Labor Unions when I was at one time employed by the City of Chicago. And at that time I remembered the Labor Union of implementing a smear campaign against the organization, I remember the lies, I remember the false promises, I remember their statements of what they stood for and how they would work hard for the people they represented. Nothing they promised came to fruition. I did see how benefits were taken away, huge turn-over, resentment between management and employees, all this while the Labor Union became richer collecting their dues. Continue to read this paper so you have the necessary information to make a decision on whether to allow a Labor Union in your organization or not, and I say NOT! My personal experience was that I was once employed by the City of Chicago as an Information Systems Project Manager, in charge of managing the automation projects related to the City of Chicago and Cook County computer systems. In my tenure there of 15 years, I saw firsthand the inner workings of the Labor Union. When I was first employed by the City of Chicago there was no Labor Union representation. We had great benefits, close to consistent 10% raises a year along with all the benefits to no cost to the employee. The only time anyone saw any turnover was when someone retired. In 2002, Local Union 46 had started their campaign to represent the Cook County Treasurer’s Office and through newsletters, meetings, and flyers rumors and stories of how the government did not want Labor Unions because they knew how much more money the employees could make with them in the office representing the people. They made promises of the amount of money and additional benefits that people would attain. Needless to say, the Labor Union bullied their way into the office and the good life came to an end. The result of the Labor Union was: Increased firings Layoffs Reduced Cost of Living to 2% a year Employees had to share the cost of health benefits
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Research Activity Paper 2 - Research Activity Paper#2...

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