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Geog1112 Midterm Study Guide

Geog1112 Midterm Study Guide - Midterm Study Guide Lab#1...

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Midterm Study Guide Lab #1: Latitude, Longitude, and Time * Remember: the time of a location is based on its longitude. Make sure that you know how to determine the standard meridian of a location. Knowing how to determine the standard meridian of a location is the key to getting the right answer. * Section 6 #2b: If it is 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Winnipeg, Canada (97° W), what day and time is it in Harare, Zimbabwe (31°E)? Step #1: Determine standard meridians -Winnipeg, Canada = 90° - Harare, Zimbabwe = 30° Step #2: # of degrees between locations (arc distance) / 15 # of degrees between locations is 120 120/15 = 8 hrs time difference Step #3: Add or subtract time difference You are traveling eastward from starting to end point so you ADD time difference 7:30 p.m. + 8 hrs = 3:30 a.m. Step #4: Determine day Went from 7:30 p.m. Thursday to 3:30 a.m. Friday Final Answer: Harare, Zimbabwe 3:30 am Friday #2c: If you depart from San Francisco International Airport at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, what day and time will you arrive in Auckland, New Zealand, assuming a flight time of 14 hrs? * Flight time of 14 hrs so when so arrive in Auckland, New Zealand it will be 12 pm Wednesday in San Francisco (10 pm tues + 14 hrs) * Rephrased question: If it is 12 pm Wednesday in San Francisco, what time is it in Auckland, New Zealand?
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Step #1: Determine standard meridians -San Francisco = 120°
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