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1/24/2010 1 Hormonal Mechanisms of Behavior Does gender affect behavior? Male birds sing Males are more likely to fight Males are larger and this affects many aspects of behavior Feeding, space use Females give more parental care Males try to attract females Females are choosier about mates than males “Job changing” in Honeybees Foragers have bigger mushroom bodies in their brains
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1/24/2010 2 Organizational Effects of Steroid Hormones on Neural Circuits Neurons in the brains of young MALE songbirds secrete estrogen Estrogen has targets in the developing brain. In males, estrogen causes… – doubling of neurons in the song centers (20 40 thousand) – projections to syrinx develop. FEMALES develop a song center if given estrogen when less than 4 days old. MALE FEMALE Activational Effects of Hormones on Reproductive Behaviors How do you do experiments on circulating sex hormones?? castration + testosterone implants
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Stephens_Lecture4-Spr2010 - 1/24/2010 Hormonal Mechanisms...

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