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Stephens_Lecture1-Spr2010 - The Science of Animal Behavior...

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1 The Science of Animal Behavior Lecture 1 BIOL 3411 The Science(s) of Animal Behavior Ethology behavior in natural settings; functions and evolutionary histories of behavior Neuroethology / Behavioral Endocrinology neural and hormonal mechanisms underlying behavior Cognitive Ethology cognitive mechanisms (decision making, information processing) that mediate behavior Comparative Psychology learning and perceptual mechanisms in highly controlled (lab) settings Behavioral Ecology social, ecological, and genetic factors influencing the expression and evolution of behavior What is the subject matter of science? Nature How do scientists formulate ideas about how the natural world works? Hypotheses that make testable predictions about causal relationships ! How do scientists evaluate their ideas? DATA collected through observation and experiments Science: A system of knowledge about the causal relationships among natural phenomena based on testing predictions from hypotheses using data from observations & experiments.
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