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CJ07Measuring Crime

CJ07Measuring Crime - Measuring Crime Jon Zawacki MSU How...

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Unformatted text preview: Measuring Crime Jon Zawacki MSU How Much Crime Is There? WE DON"T ABSOLUTELY KNOW! WE CAN GIVE GOOD ESTIMATES! Principle/ Selected Instruments of Measurement UCR (CUS) NIBRS NCVS SELF REPORT SURVEYS Uniform Crime Report Best known & most widely used instrument Administered by the Justice Dept. (FBI) Compiles & receives crime reported data from 17,000 police agencies ( That serves the majority of the population) Produces an annual report Crime in the U.S. (CUS) The reports main focus & analysis is on Part One Crimes (Index Crimes) Index Crimes 1. Criminal Homicide 2. Forcible Rape 3. Robbery 4. Aggravated Assault 5. Burglary 6. Larceny/ Theft 7. Motor Vehicle Theft 8. Arson Jon's Main Areas of Concern It only represents crime reported No federal crimes are reported Police Reporting/ recording practices Not all police departments submit reports/ Its voluntary not mandatory The problem of multiple crime reporting Each act is listed as a single offense for some crimes but not all Definitions of crime Quality v. Quantity NIBRS Designed to replace the UCR Problem ... Only in about 20 States, 12 others are in final stages of implementation.. Some chief's of police say its to much work NIBRS v. UCR Number of crime categories 46 crime categories UCR only counts the most serious crime Allows 10 possible crime categories per crime Only women can be sexually assaulted, in a certain way Crime definitions expanded Ability to link information about many aspects of a crime incident Ex. Relationship b/w victim and offender NCVS Basics Survey Research sponsored by the BJS ( Dept. of Justice)... Primary source of victimization National representative sample of 77,000 households where about 134,000 individuals age twelve and older are interviewed NCVS Validity Issues Not all crime surveyed ( Does not report patterns on homicide or drugs) Reports of hidden crimes get reported(not an issue but a good thing) It is a survey ( sampling errors) Over reporting ( based on perceptions) Underreporting Inability to record criminal activities of those reporting Inadequate question format What people say is not always right NCVS Benefits IT SHOWS THE HIDDEN ( DARK SIDE OF CRIME) Example...it verifies that a lot of crime goes un reported / Crime of sexual assault 90,000 reported on UCR 200,000 reported on NCVS ...
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