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1 conditioning • A natural link exists between the air puff and the blink response – Air Puff ! Blink US ! UR (Unconditioned stimulus leads – US UR (Unconditioned stimulus leads unconditioned response) • Repeated CS-US pairings lead to a CS-CR relationship – Repeated Bike Horn (CS)-Air Puff (US) pairings lead to a Bike Horn (CS)-Blink (CR) association Pavlov’s Dogs • Pre-existing Link: Food (Meat Powder) US & Salivation • Conditioned Stimulus: A metronome After many meat powder/metronome pairings, dogs salivated at the sound of the metronome Ivan Pavlov
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2 Classical conditioning facts • Optimal interstimulus interval : The effect is strongest if the CS precedes the US by a short period • Extinction: Repeating the CS (bike horn) without the US (air puff) leads to extinction • Generalization/Discrimination: – Animals generalize to similar stimuli (horn like sounds) – Animals may also discriminate, more experience means narrower generalization More Classical conditioning facts No Backward conditioning : air-puff then bike horn conditioning is difficult to impossible Overshadowing: If pairs of CS’s are presented simultaneously, one usually overshadows the other Blocking: 1. A horn-blink association is conditioned
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Stephens_Lecture8-Spr2010 - Learning!&!Conditioning...

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