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sailou_toure-en - A D S L in Senegal Landmark dates...

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Unformatted text preview: A D S L in Senegal Landmark dates TECHNOLOGY USES MARKET TRENDS AND PROSPECTS 27 March 2006 Saliou Toure: [email protected] Some landmark dates… June-July 2002: Pilot phase of ADSL with 256k and 1024k access November 2002: Change in rates for business subscriber offering and submission to ART for validation February 2003: Validation of the offering by ART March 2003: Official launch of 256k and business ADSL in areas in the capital (2 ISPs: Sentoo and Arc) May 2003: Extension of the offering to 512k and first tariff measures: • 256k: 24 000 F + VAT • 512k: 46 750 F + VAT • 1024k: 212 500 F + VAT June 2003: Extension of coverage areas in the capital and market entry of a third ISP: STE January 2004: Extension of ADSL to two towns and suburban area May 2004: Second tariff measures: • 256k: 14 640 F + VAT • 512k: 46 750 F + VAT • 1024k: 212 500 F + VAT Some landmark dates… July 2004: Extension of ADSL coverage to all provincial capitals October 2004: A fourth internet access provider enters the market: ATI May 2005: Extension of the offering to 2048k and third tariff measures: • • • • 256k: 11 440 F + VAT 512k: 11 440 F + VAT 1024k: 33 898 F + VAT 2048k: 67 796 F + VAT July 2005: Extension of ADSL coverage to 22 sites selected for their potential. CONTENTS What is ADSL? How does ADSL work? How to get ADSL? TECHNOLOGY What is ADSL? It is also … Therefore … TECHNOLOGY How does ADSL work? In the phone line … ADSL part Telephone cable STN STN part TECHNOLOGY How does ADSL work? At the subscriber’s premises … ADSL modem on 220 V mains PC Your telephone line Separating filter Existing telephone set TECHNOLOGY How to get ADSL? A TYPEAPPROVED ADSL MODEM A TELEPHONE SUBSCRIPTION LIVING IN AN AREA LIVING COVERED BY ADSL A SUBSCRIPTION WITH AN ISP OPERATOR’S ADSL ACCESS CHARGES What can you do with ADSL? What are the advantages of ADSL? USES What can you do with ADSL? Conventional uses: Surf or browse the web Send or receive electronic messages or e-mails Obtain information and discuss (portal, forum, chat) Have fun (games and leisure) Promote a company, product or service (advertising online) Retrieve information using search engines Send SMS messages (web to SMS) Conduct polls and surveys Download files (software; media; etc.) Transfer or exchange files Buy and sell (online shopping/comparing offers and prices) Financial transactions (banking operations, stock exchange, etc.) VAS platform: e.g. downloading of logos and ringtones for mobiles E-services (e-learning, telemedicine, etc.) ADSL access to TV programmes: TVoADSL Telephony (VoIP) Business uses: New uses: USES What are the advantages of ADSL? ! " #% $ &( ' !) * Why subscribe to ADSL? + * !" , MARKET END 2006 17% 12% 71% DAKAR REGIONS 49% 51% MARCHE RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIEL OTHERS AUTRES MARCHE BUSINESS PRO ADSL by area Market distribution by segment # $ % $! # ! TV over telephone line Voice over IP TRENDS AND PROSPECTS TV over telephone line What is this? New means of broadcasting digital television Access to several TV channel packages on the television set How does it work? All you need is an ADSL modem, a digital decoder and remote control, cabling and a filter Everything is transmitted over the telephone line, no new installations required TRENDS AND PROSPECTS What TV over the telephone line looks like … Telephone socket (2) ADSL filter (3) Your telephone plug (4) Telephone cable (5) Telephone (fax, Minitel) (1) Modem (6) Ethernet cable (7) Decoder (8) SCART lead (9) TV (10) TRENDS AND PROSPECTS Voice over IP VoIP is a technology whereby speech can be transported over a data network (intranet or internet). The purpose of VoIP is to treat speech in exactly the same way as the other types of data circulating on the internet (thanks to the IP protocol) by transporting it in the form of data packets. ...
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