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Seong Moon, Sae Rom Lee, Christine Kim Review the case study work system “The office worker” Identify anthropometric, ROM, and strength requirements of the job (environment, tools, equipment, etc.) Anthropometry = measurement of physical dimensions of the human body -Sitting height: the chair height should be adjustable for the office worker’s sitting height. ROM = Range of motion - Computer keyboard and office tools should be placed within a reach. In order to, extreme / awkward postures Strength -Use the keyboard palm rest to reduce the fatigue and give comport for the worker. List unique attributes of worker population (gender distribution, age, strength, etc.) -Most of senior citizens have hard time using computer, therefore, younger generation with more contact with computer should be working at office.
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Unformatted text preview: -Office work requires a lot of sitting and computer typing, therefore, people with more endurance of sitting and typing should be working at office. What type of design approach and guidelines should be used (average, extreme, adjustable, etc.)?-For the office work, sitting is one of the most important requirements in office work, therefore, chairs for the workers should be adjustable, because each workers have different comfort position.-Desk should be made by people average reach distance, desk height should be made by average of workers sitting height. Any initial suggestions for areas of improvement? Problem areas to focus on?-People with disability with legs, who are working at the office, they have their own fitted wheel chair. Therefore, they should have adjustable desk....
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