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Industrial Ergonomics -- ISE 3624 Spring 2010 -- Virginia Tech Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:05 - 9:55 a.m. – Holden Auditorium Instructor: Michael J. Agnew, PhD 231-0083 (office phone) 231-3322 (office fax) Office: 549 Whittemore Hall Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:00-3:00 p.m. or by appointment Graduate Teaching Assistant: Mr. Yu Hsiu Hung, 562 Whittemore Hall email: Recommended Texts: These are supplements and of use to students who wish to pursue this area more in the future. The course notes are all you need. Bridger, R.S. Introduction to Ergonomics (2 nd or 3 rd Edition) Sanders and McCormick. Human Factors in Engineering and Design (7 th Edition or later) Course Description: This course is designed to provide an understanding of ergonomics as a science and process, with an emphasis on people at work. Discussion of ergonomic methods for measurement, assessment, and evaluation, with major topics including manual materials handling, cumulative trauma disorders, environmental stresses, safety, and legal issues. Prerequisites: ISE 3614 (C- or better) Students should have at least an introductory understanding of the terminology and methods used in Human Factors Engineering. It is the student’s responsibility to fill in any background material. Web Site: A Blackboard course website has been developed. Electronic course materials will be posted there for student access. Accommodations: Please schedule an appointment with me during the first two weeks of the semester to discuss academic, religious, cultural, or documented disability accommodation needs. Honor Code: All students must adhere to the Honor Code Policies of Virginia Tech. The Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this course. All assignments shall be considered graded work, unless otherwise noted. All aspects of your coursework are covered by the honor system. Any suspected violations of the Honor Code will be promptly reported to the honor system. Honesty in your academic work will develop
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This note was uploaded on 02/20/2010 for the course ISE 3624 taught by Professor Lmbarker during the Spring '10 term at Virginia Tech.

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ISE%203624%20Syllabus%202010 - Industrial Ergonomics - ISE...

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