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Homework Assignment 4 ISE 2204 Manufacturing Processes Due Date: March 31, 2009 Please include the Virginia Tech Honor Code pledge in the first page of your assignment and sign it. “I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment.” 1.- A flat-rolling operation is being carried out where h 0 = 0.2 in, h f = 0.15 in., w 0 = 10 in, R = 8 in, μ = 0.25, and the average flow stress of the material is 40,000 psi. Estimate the roll force and the torque. 2.- A rolling operation takes place under the conditions shown in the accompanying figure. What is the position x n of the neutral point? Note that there are a front and back tension that have not been specified. Additional data are as follows: Material is 5052-O aluminum; hardened steel rolls; surface roughness of the rolls = 0.02
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Unformatted text preview: m; rolling temperature = 210 C. 3. - Estimate the force required for deep drawing an aluminum sheet (Y = 150 MPa and 1 mm thickness) with a blank of diameter 25 mm and a punch of diameter 20 mm. What is the final height of the cup? Is it possible to perform this process? Please explain. (Note: please use the equations shown in class which are different from the book). 4.- Plot the force vs. reduction in height curve in open-die forging of a solid cylindrical, annealed copper specimen 2 in. high and 1 in. in diameter, up to a reduction of 70%, for the cases of (a) no friction between the flat dies and the specimen, (b) = 0.25, and (c) = 0.5. Ignore barreling and use average-pressure formulas....
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