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Page-3 - h 28 Wax is a solid mixture of hydrocarbon...

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Unformatted text preview: h 28. Wax is a solid mixture of hydrocarbon compounds consisting of molecules with long chains of carbon atoms. Which solvent would you expect to be most capable of dissolving wax? A)H-O-H B)CH3-O-H C)CF3-O-H D)H-O-CH1—CszO-H @SHg-CHZ-CHz-CHz-CHz—CHz-CHz-CHg 29. Which of the following would be expected to have the highest vapor pressure at room temperature? A) ethanol, bp = 78°C B) methanol, bp = 65°C C) water, bp = 100°C (9) acetone, bp = 56°C 30. Which property of water allows a razor blade to float on it without sinking? A) viscosity G) surface tension C) density D) specific heat E) triple point 31. An example ofa covalent network solid is ® diamond. B) potassium. C) iodine. D) sodium chloride. E) none of these. 32. Which one of the following substances crystallizes as a molecular solid? A) Ki )3) Sio2 C) Sn @ CHSOH E) Al2(SO4)3 33. The vapor pressure of a liquid in a closed container depends upon A) the amount of liquid. B) the surface area of the liquid. C) the volume of the container. @the temperature. E) none of these. 0 34. Which of the following compounds should be soluble in (IL)? A) NaCl B) H20 C) NaOH (9) Cam; E) none of these 351The solubility of C02 gas in water A) increases with increasing gas pressure. B) increases with decreasing gas pressure. C) decreases with increasing gas pressure. @is not dependent on pressure. 36. A solution of potassium nitrate is prepared by mixing 3.50 g of KNOB with 12.0 g of water. The percent, by mass, of KNO; is @216 % B)23.3 % C)28.0 % D)29.2 % E)41.8 % $§§é§t LL60“ 37. A glucose solution is prepared by dissolving 5.10 g of glucose, CsHuOs, in 110.5 g of water. What is the molality of the glucose solution? A)O.283 m B)0.000256 m C)0.245 m @0256 m E)0.351 m g- {06 CQH'mOu vaol moi = (mow’swl/ . .L’Slo \md‘fig 0.1mm 0 kg 34. An aqueous solution of glycerol, C3H303, is 48.0% glycerol by mass and has a density of 1.120 g mL‘l. Calculate the molarity of the glycerol solution. A)12.2 M B)5.84 M C)O.584 M @0521 M E)0.465 M Ulcbf) C3430}, l- l'LOg iaoomL _ \OO :3 Sold-Hon VAL U“ 39. An aqueous solution of ethanol, C2H50H, is 1900" ethanol by mass. Calculate the molality of the ethanol solution. A)4.000 m B)4.124 m C)4.252 m a). .098 m E)14.48 m ‘Msfl: Vi Ml . omtml . 600w looc3 solidi)“ $00663 Wml ._ %l «3 Solve/WV Page 3 ...
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