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goethe - der versuch als vermittler

goethe - der versuch als vermittler - 2.28.08 GOETHE"DER...

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2.28.08 G OETHE , “D ER V ERSUCH ALS V ERMITTLER VON O BJEKT UND S UBJEKT ” (1793) 5 as soon as a person is aware of the objects around him, he thinks about them with respect to himself this makes sense, as his entire fate depends on whether they please him or are useful to him a stressful task, even though it seems simple needed : measurer of “Gefallen und Missfallen,” usefulness and un-usefulness what is most important for one studying things: their relationships, their Bildung a judgment should come not out of oneself, but out of the “Kreise der Dinge” that one observes 6 in this “Kreise” we can study the parts and relationships of plants in order to make a concept must practice our power of Beobachtung – allows us to draw connections between things G. wants to set the record straight on how scientific research should be done – not by trying to generalize 7 as soon as man is made aware of a new sense of an object, he tends and is apt to observation
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