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ANS 151 – Introduction to Animal Science Beef and Dairy Cattle - Equipment Information No. Name Use 1 Hoof Trimmers trimming hooves 2 Artificial Vagina semen collection 3 Dehorning Tube removing horns on calves 4 Electric Dehorner removing horns 5 Hoof Knife trimming hooves 6 Intrauterine Insertion Tube Intrauterine Device (White) synchronization of estrus 7 K-Mar Patches identification of estrus; white (not in estrus); red (in estrus) 8 Obstetrical Chains and Handle pulling calves during calving 9 A.I. Gun (or Rod) artificial insemination 10 Marking Crayon (Paint Stick) temporary identification 11 Vacutainer and Vacutainer Holder blood sampling 12 Balling Gun administering oral medications 13 Emasculator (Burdizzo) castration 14 Esophageal Feeder placing milk directly into stomach of calves 15 Magnent (small item) and esophageal tube treatment for hardware’s disease 16 Pelvimeter measuring pelvic area of heifers and cows
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Unformatted text preview: 17 Implant gun dministration of medications in the ear 18 Castration knife castration 19 Scrotal tape measuring testicle size in bulls 20 Stomach pump or oiler administration of medications 21 Trocar and Cannula treatment for bloat 22 Tattooer and tattoo ink temporary identification 23 Dehorner (Barnes Dehorner) removing horns or scurs from adult cattle 24 Curry Comb grooming 25 Emasculator (White's Improved) castration 26 Ear tagger temporary identification 27 Bander castration 28 Paint Brands temporary identification 29 Milk Claw Dairy Cattle - milking 30 Palpation Sleeve palpation or assisting with the birth process 31 Neck Chain temporary identification 32 Nose Lead (Twitch) control and restraint of bulls while leading 33 Chin Ball Marker identification of bred or estrous females...
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