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SheepGoat_Equipment_Key - 13 Electric Sheep Shears removing...

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ANS 151 – Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory Sheep and Goat Equipment Information No. Name Use 1 Electric Dehorner removing horns 2 Vacutainer and Vacutainer Holder blood sampling 3 Balling Gun administering oral medications 4 Emasculator (Burdizzo) castration, tail docking 5 Scrotal Tape measuring scrotal circumference 6 Cannula and Trocar relief of bloat 7 Tattooer permanent identification 8 Emasculator (White's Improved) castration and docking tails 9 Ear Tagger temporary identification 10 Bander castration and tail docking 11 Electric Tail Docker tail docking 12 Stomach Feeding Tube placing milk in stomach of lambs
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Unformatted text preview: 13 Electric Sheep Shears removing wool from sheep 14 Shepherd's Crook catching and herding sheep 15 Prolapse Retainer fixing vaginal prolapses 16 Lamb Puller pulling lambs during lambing 17 Hand Shears removing wool 18 Sheep Restrainer immobilization of sheep 19 Foot Trimmers trimming hooves (feet) of sheep 20 Drenching Gun administering medications and wormers 21 Breeding Harness identification of bred or estrous females 22 Heat Lamp provide supplemental heat for young pigs 23 Ear Notcher (triangle) permanent identification...
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