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Swine_Equipment_Key - permanent identification 10 Ear...

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ANS 151 – Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory Practical II – Equipment Information No. Name Use 1 A.I. Catheters Foam twist (pink) Golden Pig (yellow) Spirette (white) artificial insemination 2 Transcervical A.I. Catheter Entire catheter transcervical artificial insemination 3 Transcervical A.I. Catheter Tip of catheter transcervical artificial insemination 4 Semen Bottle artificial insemination 5 Cochette artificial insemination 6 Semen Tube artificial insemination 7 Semen Collection Vessel artificial insemination 8 Air Velocity Gauge measurement of ventilation rates 9 Ear Notcher (circle)
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Unformatted text preview: permanent identification 10 Ear Notcher (triangle) permanent identification 11 Ear Notcher (half circle) permanent identification 12 Electric Tail Docker dock tails 13 Heat Lamp provide supplemental heat for young pigs 14 Needle Teeth Pliers clipping needle teeth 15 Marking Crayon (Paint Stick) temporary identification 16 Side Cutting Pliers castration 17 Vacutainer and Vacutainer Holder blood sampling 18 Palpation Sleeve palpation or assisting with the birth process 19 Hemostatic Forceps fixing ruptures...
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  • Fall '09
  • Dr.Flowers
  • Livestock, Catheter, Artificial insemination, Animal Science Laboratory Practical II, insemination artificial insemination

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