Practice Exam 2 - Physics 151 Practice Exam 2 Oct. 2008...

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Physics 151 Practice Exam 2 Oct. 2008 DISCLAIMER : These sample problems are provided for your own use. The content and level of difficulty are generally representative of the real exam, except that some topics included on the practice may be omitted on the real exam, and vice-versa. The sample problems are not intended to provide a complete survey of the types of problems you may see on the real exam. They are only intended to be representative of the style of problems you will encounter. Doing these problems is not a substitute for thorough study of all the relevant topics in the course (but it helps).You may also do this under test-like conditions, i.e. time yourself. Additional practice problems from previous tests are also available. 1
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Oct. 2008 Physics 151 Practice Exam—Test 2 Fall 2008 3 2 1 α α M M 1. In the diagram at the right, if α = 40° and the tension in string 2 is 30 N, determine M. a. 3.4 kg b. 3.6 kg c. 2.6 kg d. 4.9 kg e. 7.5 kg 2. A car is going around a curve at constant speed as shown in the diagram at the right. Is the car accelerating? If so, what is the direction of acceleration? a. to the left b. to the right c. forward d. backward e. the car is not accelerating 3. A block of mass m is on an incline at angle θ . What is the normal force? θ a. mg b. mg sin θ c. mg cos θ d. the answer depends on whether the block is accelerating down the incline or not e. the answer depends on the frictional force 4. A hockey puck with initial velocity v is sliding along the ice with coefficient of friction µ k . How far does the puck slide before coming to a stop? a.
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Practice Exam 2 - Physics 151 Practice Exam 2 Oct. 2008...

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