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Name (Last, First) ____________ , ____________ Recitation TA ____________ Section Number_______ Physics 151 Problem Set #8 due ______________________ Answer Structure [4 pts] _________ 1) [8 pts] A conical pendulum moves in a horizontal circle of radius r . The pendulum bob has a mass m and the string makes an angle θ with the vertical. You are asked to calculate the tension T in the string and the speed v of the bob. a) Draw a free-body diagram for the pendulum bob. b) Write the equations for Newton’s 2 nd law in the vertical and horizontal directions, taking care to identify the acceleration in both directions separately. c) Solve these equations to determine the speed of the bob in terms of r , θ and g . d) Now solve to determine the tension T in terms of m , θ and g .
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2) [4 pts] A red ball is heading due east, a blue ball is moving due west, and a green ball is moving north. They have initial speeds v r,i = 20 cm/s, v b,i = 10 cm/s, v g,i = 10 cm/s. The red ball has mass 5g, the blue ball has mass 10g, and the green ball 5g. The three
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WorkSheet8 - Name (Last, First) _ , _ Recitation TA _...

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