Worksheet9 - c After the collision the second block slides...

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Name (Last, First) ____________ , ____________ Recitation TA ____________ Section Number_______ Physics 151 Problem Set #9 due ______________________ Answer Structure [3 pts] _________ 1) [5 pts] An ice cube is released on a loop-the-loop track with a loop of radius R. At what height h must the ice cube be released so that the ice cube just barely makes it over the top of the loop? What assumptions are you making in solving the problem? h R 2) [10 pts] Starting from height h, a block of mass 2m slides down a frictionless incline and collides elastically with another block of mass m at the base. a) Find the speed of the first block at the base of the incline. h
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b) Without losing any speed at the bottom of the incline, the first block collides with the second. Find the speed of both blocks after the collision.
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Unformatted text preview: c) After the collision, the second block slides on a rough surface. If the coefficient of friction between the horizontal surface and the second block is µ s , find the distance d that the block will travel before it comes to a stop. 3) [6 pts] A mass M slides across a frictionless horizontal table with constant speed v . It collides with a spring of spring constant k , compressing it. The mass-spring system then rebounds. Take the position of the mass when it first hits the spring to be x = 0. (a) Suppose that the mass comes to a momentary stop after compressing the spring a distance L . What is the spring constant k in terms of v , M , and L ? (b) The spring reexpands, pushing the mass back. What is the speed of the mass M when it passes through x =0?...
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Worksheet9 - c After the collision the second block slides...

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