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ECE4001+Homework2 - What has been the loss in the market...

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ECE4001 A/RPK/RPY Homework #2: Legal Issues and Intellectual Property 1. (50 pts, 10 pts ea.). Toyota’s recall of its automobiles due to accelerator problems has received much attention in the recent press. You are to research the issues surrounding this case and answer the following questions (short answer, 1pg total for all questions): a. How were the design failures discovered and when was this made public? b. Discuss the conditions that could cause Toyota to be found negligent, liable, or both. c. How many autos were recalled as a result of this flaw? d. Approximately how many civil suits are currently pending as a result of injuries related to this design failure? e.
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Unformatted text preview: What has been the loss in the market capitalization (drop in stock price X no. shares outstanding) since the announcement? 2. (50 pts, 10 pts ea.). You are to analyze U.S. patent 7,145,412, Electronic and Optical Designs and Methods of Forming these devices, authored by Prof. Kenney, et al . Answer the following questions (short answer – 1-2 sentences as required): a. What is the priority date of this patent? b. Who owns the rights to royalties from this patent? c. In one sentence, describe in layman’s terms what the invention does. d. Which are claims are apparatus claims and which are methods claims? e. How many claims are dependent on claim 1?...
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