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ECE4001 A/RPK/RPY Homework #2: Legal Issues and Intellectual Property 1. (50 pts, 10 pts ea.). Toyota’s recall of its automobiles due to accelerator problems has received much attention in the recent press. You are to research the issues surrounding this case and answer the following questions (short answer, 1pg total for all questions): a. How were the design failures discovered and when was this made public? The first accelerator problem due to the cars' rubber floor mats was originally discovered and recalled in 2007. On October 25, 2009 the issue was made public again after the NHTSA released a safety investigation report that indicated a deadly accident in August 2009 was due to the floor mat obstructing the accelerator. A week later on November 2 Toyota issued a voluntary recall asking Toyota owners to remove driver side floor mats and to not replace them with any other floor mat. Toyota issued an amended recall later that month to replace mats with a new design and modify accelerator pedals. In January 2010 Toyota received reports of accelerators sticking in cars that had no floor mats. The issue was made public when Toyota released a new recall on January 21, 2010 known as the Sticky Pedal Recall. b. Discuss the conditions that could cause Toyota to be found negligent, liable, or both. It seems that Toyota downplayed early reports of both floor mat and sticky problems.
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Homework2+Solution - ECE4001 A/RPK/RPY Homework#2 Legal...

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