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ECE 3042 Homework Assignment No. 1 Spring 2010 Homework Problem Set for Exp. No. 1 Due Week of January 25 1. Shown below is a single stage common emitter amplifier using an 2N3906 PNP BJT as the active device. Design the circuit so that it clips symmetrically, viz. pick R B 1 and R B 2 so that the collector current is that which yields symmetric clipping. The design specification for the magnitude of the small signal midband voltage gain is 7 . 3 . For the design calculations assume the the emitter-to-base dc voltage drop is 0 . 65V , that the current in R B 1 is 10 I B , β = 100 , the base spreading resistance is 0 , and the Early voltage is infinity. Assume that R E 1 =3k , R C =15k ,and R L =10k . Also assume that C 1 = C 2 =22 μ F and C E = 330 μ F . Compute the values of R E 2 , R B 1 ,and R B 2 to satisfy the design criteria. The dc power supply voltage is V = 15V . 2. For the circuit parameters indicated in the diagram, use either Cadence and National Instruments SPICE
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