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Evaluation Form ECE 3042 Recommendation Report With Mandatory Consultation Print clearly and legibly. Student Name___________________________________________ GT#_________________________________ Lab Section_____________ Writing Consultant_____________________________________________ Writing Assignment Number (circle one) 1 st 2 nd Did you attend a writing consultation?__________ Pledge of Academic Honesty: On my honor, I pledge I have neither given anyone else assistance or information on this lab nor have I received assistance or information from anyone other than Drs. Brewer and Robinson or Instructors Laughter and Bourgeois, the UTA lab assistants, or the GTA writing consultants. I further pledge I am in full compliance with every stature and codicil of the Georgia Tech Honor Code and all of the work that appears in this report is my own, unless it is attributed to another source. I understand and agree that any violations of the Georgia Tech Honor Code will be forwarded to the Dean of Students for adjudication. Student’s Signature__________________________________________________________________ Date_________________________ Technical Writing Grading Rubric SECTION POINTS POSSIBLE POINTS EARNED Flow / Organization / Content (logical and ample flow of content; effective use of criteria; real-world logic and use provided, as needed) 25 Effective Use of Graphics (relevant, useful, cited properly, size appropriate, used enough, integrated and explained ) 15 Formatting (effective arrangement of text and graphics, use of fonts, color, bold, underline, line spacing, , etc.) 5 Audience Appropriateness (tone; readability/ usability ; judicious use of technical terminology; relevant procedures) 10 Technical Correctness / Clarity 10 Homework 10 Overall Effectiveness of Document 10 Attended Consultation With Draft (no outlines) 15 TOTAL 100 Note: Failure to staple this grade sheet to top of writing assignment results in a 10-point penalty. Comments:
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Grading Rubric Recommendation Report Section Points Flow / Organization / Content 25 Effective Use of Graphics 15 Formatting 5 Audience Appropriateness 10 Technical Correctness / Clarity 10 Overall Effectiveness of Report 10 Homework 10 Attended Consultation W/ Draft 15 Total 100 Ask yourself one question about your report: Is your document better developed, more nuanced, more insightful, and more reasoned than a lab report? Flow / Organization / Content: Do you have the required sections? Are your sections, and the information within them, ordered in a logical and easy-to-follow manner? Does each section contain enough information, and is it appropriate to that section? Have you defined and analyzed criteria effectively? Provided and explained real-world use, as necessary? Can the reader quickly find specific information without having to read the entire document? Did you anticipate reader’s questions? Effective Use of Graphics: Have you used enough graphics? Integrated them into the text? Have you placed them so that readers don’t have to “flip” through the document to find the appropriate figures? Have you explained them well enough so the average reader can comprehend contents? Are your graphics in proportion to the text? Have you removed any black screenshots and substituted them with shots that are easier on the eyes?
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WA1_42_sprg10 - Evaluation Form ECE 3042 Recommendation...

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