GilbertK Lab4

GilbertK Lab4 - Input Sources Energy (Units) Output Sources...

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Kayla Gilbert 2/21/10 Input Sources Energy  (Units) Output Sources Energy  (Units) solar energy input 100 earth's albedo:    diffuse reflection/scattering 7   reflected by clouds 21   reflected by surface 3   energy radiated to space:    radiated by ozone layer to space 3   energy gained/lost by atmosphere 58   direct heat loss to space 8 Total: 100 Total: 100 Energy Budget for the Atmosphere Input Sources Energy  (Units) Output Sources Energy  (Units) clouds 3 counter-radiation 96 ozone 3 ozone radiation 3 gases/dust 18 atmospheric radiation 58 latent heat 19 convection 4 surface radiation 110     Total: 157 Total: 157 Energy Budget for the Earth's Surface
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Unformatted text preview: Input Sources Energy (Units) Output Sources Energy (Units) diffuse radiation 20 latent heat transfer 19 direct radiation 25 convective transfer 4 greenhouse radiation 96 greenhouse radiation 110 direct heat loss 8 Total: 141 Total: 141 All of the systems maintain an energy balance. This is because the amount of heat coming in is equal to the amount going out. Without this balance, we would experience Kayla Gilbert 2/21/10 extreme heating and cooling temperature changes....
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GilbertK Lab4 - Input Sources Energy (Units) Output Sources...

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