Week 3, Team C, Functional Area Interrelationship

Week 3, Team C, Functional Area Interrelationship - RUNNING...

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RUNNING HEADER: Functional Area Interrelationship 1 Functional Area Interrelationship Kudler Fine Foods currently operates in three cities and Kathy is looking to expand to a fourth location. Before the company continues to expand, Kathy needs to explore different areas that will be a benefit to its success and possibly grant a competitive edge. Although, the company seems to be doing very well, it is important to explore different areas of the business where it can collaborate on a vertical or lateral level. Moreover, she needs to define the role of each stakeholder affected by the company. Organization’s Existence Kathy’s , primary reason to open Kudler Fine Foods gourmet store was because she was tired of having to travel all over town to find what she needed. She knew that if she opened a store that would offer all the goods at a reasonable price she would attract customers and offer them a one-stop and shop store for the entire community to benefit from. Kathy opened Kudler to offer a wide variety of fresh foods. Her mission and vision was to open a store that would offer fresh food for her customers to enjoy; and that is exactly what Kathy accomplished. First, she opened her first store in La Jolla, followed by DelMar, and Encinitas. Kudler Fine Foods main goal is to expand and become one of the largest gourmet stores in the area. Kathy’s values include treating the customers with respect, to support, and give back to the community in which the stores are located.
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Functional Area Interrelationship 2 Organizational Structure Kudler Fine Food current organization structure is a sole proprietorship. The company’s taxes are fairly simple as Kathy and the company’s income are considered the same. This organizational structure does have its drawback’s as Kathy would be the legally responsible would someone decided to sure the business. Another disadvantage would be the company wouldn’t have good control of capital as it is not required to create or keep a balance sheet, or income statement. This could cause the company to grow faster than it should when the company isn’t tracking the revenue that is coming in closely and tracking sales. The company expanded rather quickly for a new business with only two years on the market. The key to this structure working is Kathy, as she is the sole owner, and stakeholder. Kathy as the key position in the
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Week 3, Team C, Functional Area Interrelationship - RUNNING...

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