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Unformatted text preview: GEOL 3071: Structural Geology Stress Homework 1 1. What is the lithostatic pressure (in MPa) at 5 km depth in the continental crust? [Necessary information: crustal density:::::; .7 g/cm3, acceleration due to gravity is:::::; 2 9.8 2 m/s . Remember to convert units as necessary (e.g., g/cm3 ~ kg/m3), as reviewed in sections 3.2 through 3.4 in your book. HINT: check out Table 3.1 in your book]. P ~ f~~~ ~'lX(lJ? X f,t X Ff)Q1} ::: J3a·3 M~ 2. At 5 km depth in the crustal colu n from question I, the normal stress applied to the east-west trending vertical plan in the north-south direction (i.e., along a horizontal axis trending north-south) is 145 M a.@this point in the crust is experiencing isotropic stress, what is the mean stress? f it is experiencing inhomogeneous stress due to tectonic stress, what is the magnitude of this tectonic stress in the north-south direction? v ~ m~t\ - 17i~\=)X2t/4·r - 3 ;:=136 I~ 1--llip- /Vl,tA. 3. For the diagram show below, force "W" = 3000 N, angle 8 = 30°, and length L = 1 m. Calculate the normal and shear stresses applied to surface A' (give your answers in MPa, use the back of the sheet if necessary. L. $:=- L'~- e:Jg -;- ~. r~I 5> f ~ - I ' ~ rJ Y, l i)-'3 fiAPa. <Or.. - ttfo ~-':J-b )({t?' /01{/4 $ ...
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