The South

The South - T he South - - (4/23/09) Talked about how...

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The South --- (4/23/09) - Talked about how slavery shaped the south politically - Why most southerners were not directly or indirectly involved in slave ownership - 6 million whites in the south, 2 million were members of slave-owning families, 400,000 actually legally owned a slave - why would most white southerners support slavery? - NEED: FIRST PART UNTIL SUPPORT FOR SLAVERY! I. Similarities between the North and the South II. Slavery Shapes the South a. Politics b. Values c. Social Class III. Support for Slavery a. Society Dedicated to Slavery b. Pro-Slavery Argument (A.) Society Dedicated to Slavery - most white southerners (WS) were born and stayed poor o there is social mobility is antebellum south—a lot of big wealthy plantation owners were not born into a family that was o there is a good deal of social mobility o they liked to make people believe they were born into great wealth - making a living in trade was bad o aristocrats had their daughters trained—blah blah, make them LOOK like they were from a long line of aristocrats, but they weren’t - poor southerners looked at plantation owning system: saw a system where
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The South - T he South - - (4/23/09) Talked about how...

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