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number 2 comprehensice

number 2 comprehensice - Changes Westward expansion by time...

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Changes Westward expansion! - by time of revolution, white settlement had spread from Atlantic coast to Appalachian mtn range - see a rapid white expansion over app range - whites avoid great plains o termed “The Great American Desert” - start seeing in 1 st half of 19 th century a lot of new states added to the country o a few at very end of 18 th century, but many in first part of 19 th century - whites spreading westward VERY fast; much faster than in colonial area - whites pour into the “Deep South”—AL, MI, LA - older southern states, see plantation owners there (VA, SC) leaving their land because they're warn out o slave owners from upper south leave everything and move to deep south and claim fresh land—move slaves with them - migration involves force migration of slaves to Deep South - Population of US pushing very rapidly westward, stopping at edge of Great Plains o does continue westward in a way; do start seeing whites going all the way to west coast o by the time CW comes, there’s a very large presence of whites on west coast o push to MI R, go a few miles west, then stop, then lots on west coast—not so many whites in Great Plains - heavy-duty growth on west coast worries some people o fear that the country wouldn’t work; its just unmanageable o how is nation supposed to work if there's growing population on west coast—cali is a state all the way out there! o How is country this expansive supposed to work when they only way to get to cali is to cross the great plains on a wagon train ; there is another way—you could go buy ship. Not much better (you have to go down around S America) - Notion that people out in cali are freaky because they would actually cross the great plains to get there! Whaaat?!! o Plus, the nation’s capital is ON the east coast - Why are people abandoning the western coast of the country? - Its just not manageable ): Democratization - 18 th century dominated by idea that there are better men and lesser men; better men supposed to lead and have things better than everyone else—just the way it went back then o Other stuff by end of 18 th cent, starting to come undone; serious questions being asked about this assumption—who says you are better? - when you get to 19 th century, you see widespread questions of this - TJ prez in 19 th century, Madison followed TJ, getting to 18-teens, and old-school guys like Madison are prez! Have some carry over from 18 th century (TJ dies 1820s, Madison dies 1830s) o Their world/culture is dying out - in 1820s see political stuff; is very clear something is changing - to vote back when: had to be a white man with property o by 1820s, class requirement going away; is limited to white men (before was white men who owned property) o vote starts being opened up to poor white men o does not expand voting rights tremendously, but doesn't open up ability to vote to more people o the class restriction for voting is starting to go away
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- the way the prez is elected begins to change o by 1820s start to see more states what all states do—
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