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FINAL study guide - FINAL 1 ,the majorissues o Indianremoval

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FINAL 1. describe the major issues during Andrew Jackson’s presidency and explain how  the helped define the basic difference between the 2 new parties of the time, the  Whigs and the Democrats. - major issues: o Indian removal: Best land is reserved for the Indians By 1820s white settlers  are moving westward, and they want to  get a hold of the reservation Andrew Jackson: Is an Indian fighter, and has no patience or tolerance for  them, has been fighting them for a part of his military  career Wants their land to be cheaply available to white settlers Pushed through Congress the  Indian Removal Act o Call for the removal, forceful if necessary, of  Indians from their lands o Government Land Sales: Revenue came from 2 primary sources: Gov’t land ownership (sale of gov’t-owned land) Tariff: tax on imported manufactured goods Jackson didn't support the tariff But he is in a bind because the gov’t has to have money to  run; has to have the 2 revenue sources He wanted to get rid of the tariff, which only leaves gov’t  land ownership, and Jackson wanted to reduce the amount  settlers paid for land So he compromises: o Leaves the tariff, and reduces the cost of land  ownership o Starts selling land below market prices o internal improvements the gov’t is NOT spending more than it is taking in—has a huge  surplus of money congress decides to put the money to good use on projects like: road, bridge construction; some ideas that gov’t should be  involved in facilitating RR projects
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Jackson vetoes this because he’s supposed to be reducing gov’t power o Bank of the US The bank was first chartered when Washington was president with a 20 year charter, which ran out in 1812, and it was not renewed After War of 1812, republicans have learned a lesson: the bank was a good idea, so it is rechartered for another 20 years (runs out in 1836) Henry Clay is running for president in 1832: Tries to recharter the bank because he knows the Jackson will veto it, and he knows that most Americans like the Bank of the US, so he thinks this will make Jackson look bad o Jackson DOES veto this, and Clay’s plan almost works BUT: Jackson says the bank represents a large, corrupt institution that did not belong in the United States, even declared it unconstitutional This causes people to shift to Jackson’s side and he gets re- elected o Panic of 1837: Smaller banks instead of one big bank - Parties: o Democrats: Party membership: tended to get support from men who worked in factories, small farmers, and recently arriving immigrants Beliefs: formed around Jackson the government should remain neutral in the economy don’t like industry
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FINAL study guide - FINAL 1 ,the majorissues o Indianremoval

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