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Andrew Jackson in Office (3/31/09) I. Election of 1824 and “corrupt bargain” II. Election of 1828 III. Profile of Jackson a. Background b. Vision of Society and Government IV. Major Policy Issues a. Indian removal b. Government Land Sales c. Internal Improvements d. Bank of the United States i. Recharter Veto ii. Attack (Note: outland hates Andrew Jackson) - carries on about supporting certain types of policies but seems to have done the opposite when you look at the conclusion of his presidency (I.) Election of 1824 and “corrupt bargain” - AJ loses this election - John Quincy Adams wins this election - Election another messy one (1800 election)—cant figure out who wins; Aaron Burr thing - Starting to see new factionalism by 1824 - In 1824 there were four men trying to win the presidency o one is gone o three remaining candidates: JQA James Monroe’s SOS Andrew Jackson didn't have a clear stand on major political issues; just a military man) Henry Clay Very powerful senator from KY Put together MI Compromise
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Runs for president a few times but loses every single time - Interesting things about election of 1824 o First can clearly start talking about a popular vote Enough states that are letting people vote for president that you can see popular vote o constitution’s original intention was electoral college choose president; in 1824 when you first start to see states doing it the way we do it today - was clear after election that AJ had more popular votes than the other 2 o didn't have enough votes constitution: to be pres, have to have majority of all the votes out there AJ has more votes than the other 2, but doesn't get more than half of the votes that are up for grabs In the end the US HOR selected JQA to be president—it was there call - AJ felt ripped off as did his supporters o Started carrying on about ”corrupt bargain” in quotes because probs didn't happen the way AJ said it happened most historians today don’t believe it ever happened not a shred of evidence it ever happened and it was completely against the nature of the guys involved o JQA and HC involved in corrupt bargain; was not the way they did things, they were both brutally honest o Henry Clay backs down when decision went to HOR; and then threw his support to JQA, this did it for JQA and got HOR vote for president Once he gets the presidency, he made Henry Clay his Secretary of State Corrupt bargain: JQA and HC got together and HC backed out and then would get a spot in the cabinet Of the 3, Henry Clay had the least support, so it made sense for him to back out of the race, and it made sense for JQA to choose him as SOS, and JQA liked him, so he chose him. -
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Andrew Jackson in Office - Andrew Jackson in Office...

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