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The Early Republic

The Early Republic - The Early Republic I Building the...

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The Early Republic – 3/3/09 I. Building the Nation II. Creation of Factions a. Government finance i. Hamilton’s Plan ii. Jefferson and Madison’s Opposition b. Foreign Policy III. Summary of Factions IV. Adams Administration a. More Problems with France b. More Factionalism i. Alien and Sedition Acts ii. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions Building the Nation - the US as a nation, geographically speaking, was huge! Hundreds and hundreds of miles separated GA from the more northern states o and stretched all the way out by the Mississippi river o some states didn’t have a lot in common - still have this culture where people still have a hard time thinking of this new US nation o mindset where identifying themselves as from “the country of VA” - hard to get around: not only was size tremendous, traveling inland was impossible; roads were virtually non existent; “roads”=paths. o No bridges; getting from place to place inside the country took days and mostly weeks; terribly slow-going o It’s a mess. o Don’t have a nation that thinks of itself as a nation - 3 things that most people get behind (agree on): o (1.) political philosophy of republicanism o (2.) George Washington is someone with whom they can all identify with; about the only person in the US that people would all get behind. GW only one of people at the time who was revered; you did not trash talk GW. Everyone trusts him; when GW was president, people would give new gov’t a chance. Only individual that has that sort of reputation
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John Adams hated by a lot of people; Jefferson was thought to be insane by several people; Hamilton eventually gets killed If GW wasn’t first president, new gov’t probs wouldn’t have been okay with the people o (3.) the constitution there is a fight over the const, but once it is ratified, that fight is over. II. Creation of Factions A. Government Finance - Washington is the first president, chooses cabinet o Selects Jefferson as Secretary of State o Selects Hamilton as Secretary Treasurer In the fighting--Madison joins with Jefferson Jefferson, Madison have big disagreements with Hamilton - Hamilton background: o Aristocracy is the colonies are used to being wealthy, they are born into it Most born in the colonies o Hamilton is born in the British West Indies to very humble circumstances o Product of adulterous relationship o Mother struggled to raise him; he is raised in poverty o Very ambitious; comes to America on his own, gets involved in American Revolution o Washington trusts him--he is wise, has good ideas; Hamilton is 1 on Washington's principle advisors o
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