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TEST TWO ANSWERS: 1. national gov’t was weak; They are fearing power and tyranny; create a gov’t that has excess liberty 2. Hamilton didn't trust the people, didn't know what was best for them, feds especially believe common folk needed to be taught what was good for them; TJ tended to fear gov’t power, were cool with constitution, feared abuse of national gov’t 3. gets the bank, debt plan was created, tariff never enacted while Hamilton is alive 4. huge use of national power; hurt foreigners; encourage manufacturing 5. abolitionists opposed slavery not for self-interest reasons like most northerners; most opposed because they felt it hurt their interests;
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Unformatted text preview: abolitionists believed is was morally wrong, most whites didn't care about slavery where it already existed, opposed expansion of slavery 6. both get together but combine the Indian groups into a more unified group, have competing Indian nations, both help unite these groups 7. geopolitical reasonsabout the Spanish; potential buffer zone between Spanish and American territory; idea of this being a utopian community, commercial area; but was a weird idea, forward thinking to imagine it would work, was way away from white settlements; was unstable 8. parts of rivers have rapids; massive in size, hard to clear obstructions; fuel;...
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