Development of Slavery

Development of Slavery - Development of Slavery2/3 I. II....

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Development of Slavery—2/3 I. origins of racism II. slavery in Virginia a. gradual shift to slavery b. reasons for shift III. slavery in other southern colonies a. south Carolina b. Georgia IV. slavery in the middle and northern colonies V. slave trade a. village raid b. middle passage c. arrival VI. slave experience in the colonies Columbian exchange is a biological exchange between the Americas Wheat came to Americas Tomatoes came from the Americas Members of the elect—visible saints in the community, you knew who they were #3: 2 reasons for slavery in VA: Racism The planter class’s fear of the something Change in supply and demand, growing number of slaves Life expectancy - slavery in mid colonies, not like you do in the mid-south (Georgia, Carolinas) - southern colonies are reliant on slavery - In colonies like NY, there IS (!) slavery. - In some smaller areas of PA, slavery was important, but in the economy overall, its not ALL important - Further north (NE colonies, Puritan), they have slavery as well. o P in MA who first establish a law the recognized the institution of slavery o Never that imp. In MA - slave laborers worked on dock yards o was hard work man! - northern colonies economically find it easier to end the institution of slavery
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- questioning of slavery in all 4 colonies, large planters in VA questioning it. - Racial issues as well, economically southern colonies absolutely reliant on slavery - big business and intercontinental business - people actively involved in 3 continents (Europe, Africa, American colonies) - slave trade goes on for hundreds of years - 3 active groups on 3 continents all playing central role in slave trade o organization and funding coming from Europe; investors, headquarters were there o inside Africa, certain chiefs are willing to play along with European business plan; wage war against rival groups in a effort to supply human merch to traders - not until 19 th century did Europeans gain entry into Africa o because Europeans couldn’t survive in interior of Africa because of diseases o forcefully march people to the coast to trading centers (VILLAGE RAID), where they would be held until a ship was ready to set sail (MIDDLE PASSAGE), said to be the worst of 3 stages
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Development of Slavery - Development of Slavery2/3 I. II....

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