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PS 6, 1 Problem Set #6 BIMM100 Winter 2010 – Short Answers 1. Why is DNA packing crucial? 2. In general terms, what is chromatin composed of? 3. What is a nucleosome and what is it composed of specifically? 4. Describe two kinds of modifications discussed in class that can occur on histone tails. 5. What effects do these modifications have on regulation of transcription? 6. Is euchromatin associated with hyper- or hypoacetylated chromatin? What about heterochromatin? 7. How is HP1 involved in heterochromatin formation? 8. Why are chromodomains and chromoshadow domains important? 9. Why are “boundary elements” necessary? 10. Is DNA in heterochromatin more or less accessible? Discuss an experiment to demonstrate the accessibility of DNA in different types of chromatin. 11. Why do cells utilize mRNA as an intermediate? 12. Why do cells have tandem arrays of rRNA genes? 13. Compare promoter elements in genes transcribed by the three different RNA
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Unformatted text preview: polymerases and indicate what kind of RNAs they synthesize as well as their sensitivity to α-amanitin. Which factor involved in transcription initiation is common to all of them? 14. List the components of the RNA pol II preinitiation complex in the order they associate with the complex. (You should be familiar with their functions) 15. What does it mean to say that the mediator is a “molecular bridge”? 16. What is the function of chromatin remodeling factors? 17. Draw a picture demonstrating how co-activator complexes work. Label relevant features. 18. Why is it important that the capping enzyme is recruited to the CTD of RNAP II? 19. What are the sequences that direct 3’ cleavage & polyadenylation? 20. What does PAP do? What signals the transition between slow and fast polyadenylation?...
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