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Homework 3 09 KEY - BIBC 102 Fall 2009(35 Points KEY...

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I B C 1 0 2 KEY Fall 2009 ( 3 5 P o i n t s ) Homework 3 1) (4 pts.) A test electrode contains a solution of ubiquinone, with both the fully oxidized and fully reduced forms, at 1 M concentration each. A circuit is formed from this electrode using a KCl solution salt bridge with a standard hydrogen electrode (25°C, 1 ATM H 2 , 1 M H + ). When this circuit is complete, a current of electrons pass to the ubiquinone test cell at +0.045 volts. a. What is the standard reduction potential (E°’) of ubiquinone? 0.045 volts The description given above is the definition of reduction potential. b. Which has a higher standard reduction potential, ubiquinone or oxygen? Oxygen. Oxygen is the final electron acceptor at the ‘bottom’ of the electron transport chain, therefore it has the highest reduction potential. 2) (5 pts.) Make a flow chart to diagram the fate of the 6 carbon atoms of a single glucose molecule through each of the following: a. glycolysis; b. formation of acetyl-CoA; and c. the citric acid cycle. For each of these phases of glucose oxidation, give the product derived from the glucose carbons (if any), the number of molecules of this product per glucose, and the number of carbon atoms in the product. Also, show where carbons are lost as CO 2 . (Note: You don’t need to draw structures here). Glucose (6 carbons)
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Homework 3 09 KEY - BIBC 102 Fall 2009(35 Points KEY...

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