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Chem 1A-course policies-F09-v5-1 - Chem 1A Fall 2009 Course...

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Page 1 of 6 Chem 1A, Fall 2009 Course Policies and Other Essential Information Instructors: Angelica M. Stacy, Marcin Majda, John Arnold, Michelle Douskey Course Emails: [email protected] (for general questions about the course) [email protected] (for iClicker inquiries only) Class Meetings MWF 9:10-10:00, 11:10-12:00 and 1:10-2:00 in Pimentel Hall Required Materials: Textbook, Oxtoby et. al., Science of Change (textbook or ebook) On line homework access card, OWL/ebook, Oxtoby et. al., Science of Change Chem 1A Discussion Manual Fall 2009, available from Odin Readers or Ned’s Bookstore only Chem 1A Lab Manual Fall 2009 (ISBN 978-0-7380-3222-1) Student Lab Notebook (or equivalent lab notebook with carbon copies) iClicker TI-30X IIS Calculator (or equivalent simple calculator) Course Website Chem 1A Fall09 at INSTRUCTOR CONTACT INFORMATION Angelica Stacy Marcin Majda John Arnold Michelle Douskey Lecture 9 AM 11 AM 1PM Labs Email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Office 538 Latimer B40 Hildebrand 526 Latimer 307 Latimer Office Hours Mon. 10-12 Lab Room E, 2 nd floor of Latimer Mon., 12-1 pm, 433 Latimer Wed. and Fri., 12-1:30 pm, 425 Latimer Monday, Wednesday 2-3 pm, 433 Latimer by appointment only EXPECTATIONS: In this course, the main goal is for you to develop an atomic level understanding of everything you can observe or measure. Rather than memorize facts and algorithms, you will be asked to make predictions and provide explanations. Specifically, you will be building knowledge of chemistry and about the scientific process in general. BSPACE: All assignments for the course (preclass, prelab, homework) will be posted on the course website. PRE-CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: There will be a pre-class assignment to be completed before each lecture. There will be an iClicker quiz on the assignment during lecture. These assignments will not be collected. LECTURE: Class time will include iClicker quizzes, lecture, demonstrations, discussions, and short group activities/problem solving. Participation in group discussion is expected and will maximize your learning. HOMEWORK: You will use an on-line web-based learning (OWL) system for submitting homework. Assignments on the previous week’s material will be administered and graded on-line through your personal OWL account. Though one assignment will be due every week, you will often have more than one attempt to master each assignment. OWL always saves the highest score earned by the due date of the assignment. Homework will be worth 4 points each week, scaled from the grades earned in OWL. Homework assignments will be due every Tuesday at 9AM.
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Page 2 of 6 LAB/DISCUSSION: For detailed lab information and policies, please consult your lab manual. Lab starts the first week of class. Attendance in lab is mandatory. The lab period lasts for 4 hours. The first hour of lab will be a discussion from your discussion handbook and will be facilitated by your GSI. A short quiz on the discussion
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Chem 1A-course policies-F09-v5-1 - Chem 1A Fall 2009 Course...

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