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FAQS FOR CHEM 1A Q: What if I want to switch lab sections? A: After classes start, enrollment issues are handled in person. Requests for switching sections must be brought to the attention of Dr. Lamoreaux in 211 Latimer. Do not drop your lab section in Telebears or you may be in danger of losing your spot in the class. Q: What if I cannot attend the lecture section I am registered for? A: You can be registered for any lecture and attend the one that meets your scheduling needs. Q: Do I absolutely need to buy a brand new textbook? A: This is your personal decision. The only thing required is the purchase of an OWL/ebook access card so that you can complete the online homework and read the book online. Q: Can I buy a different edition of the book? A: To save money you could buy an older edition though the optional textbook homework assignments might not match. Problem 12.13 in one book may be different from the newer edition. Assigned homework out of the book is for practice only and is not graded.
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