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Chemistry 2311, Fall 2008 1 Student Name ______________________________ Last Name of TA _______________ Quiz #3A (75 pts) 1. Sublimation a. Why are some solids more easily purified by sublimation than others? That is, what are the properties of compounds that sublime readily at atmospheric or reduced pressure? +2 pts High solid vapor pressure OR when heated transform directly from solid to vapor without becoming a liquid. b. Under what circumstance would you choose sublimation technique as a means to purify a solid instead of recrystallization? + 3 pts Compound to purify is easily sublimed whereas impurities are not. Can sublime without decomposition, 2. Consider the Friedel-Crafts reaction below with three of the possible products: CH 3 3 Br FeBr 3 3 3 + + 3 3 + A BC 3 3 a. Which of the products given would you expect to be the MAJOR product? 2 pts A B C b. Give two reasons to support your answer above. 4 pts From most stable carbocation (which results from hydride shift), also the 1,2,4 product(s) will be favored over the 1,2,3. c. What is the purpose of the iron III bromide? 2 pts Since I did not ask for mechanism students can discuss hydride shift and show cation in box or give one of mechanisms below. . Br FeBr 3 H Hydride shift Br 3 +FeBr 4 O R H 4 d. Accurately draw three sigma complex intermediates involved in the formation of Compound C .
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2311quiz3 2008 - Chemistry 2311, Fall 2008 Student Name _...

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