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Chemistry 2311, Fall 2008 1 Student Name ______________________________ Last Name of TA _______________ Quiz #1A (75 pts) 1. Waste Handling - Specifically describe how to handle each of the following waste materials generated during an experiment in lab. 8 pts (+ 2 each) a. a used chromatography column containing silica gel and solvent - flush the column dry with air to remove all solvent. (The solvent would be place in organic hazardous waste or halogenated organic waste). The dry silica gel in nonhazardous solid waste. b. 10 mL of unused 10% aqueous KOH solution – neutralize with aq 10 % HCl and flush down the drain with plenty of water. c. a clean but broken Erlenmeyer flask (blue) broken glass trash can at end of bench d. The organic liquid residue left in the distilling flask after distillation - dissolve in acetone and transfer to liquid organic hazardous waste 2. Consider the reaction below that is sometimes performed in organic teaching labs to teach the principles of TLC, column chromatography, and melting points. The reaction produces a mixture of starting material (fluorene) and product (fluorenone) which can be easily separated by column chromatography. Na 2 Cr 2 O 7 CH 3 CO 2 H O Fluorene, mp 114 o C, MW 166.2 Fluorenone, mp 83 o C, MW 180.21 a. If the reaction produced approximately 8 g of crude product to be purified by column chromatography, how much silica gel would be appropriate for the separation? 10-20 X +3 pts i. 8 g ii. 20 g iii. 120 g iv. 1200 g b. Unlike ferrocene and acetylferrocene, fluorene and fluroenone are both colorless, white solids. How would progress of the column chromatography be followed since no colored bands would be
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2311quiz12008 - Chemistry 2311, Fall 2008 Student Name _...

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